5 juries will be present at the event to analyse the different final projects of the teams. Thanks to their various skills and expertise, they will deliberate and announce the winners. 

A journalist specializing in crypto-currencies and decentralized finance, Valentin is the voice of media at Cryptoast (a site specializing in the world of crypto-currencies since 2017).

Through conferences, interventions on BFM or via a book on Bitcoin published by Larousse, he deciphers with the editorial staff of Cryptoast this ecosystem to the general public and businesses. 

Specialities : crypto-currencies, decentralized finance, web 3.0, project analysis. 

Valentin DEMÉ

valentin demé

Charlie MERAUD

charlie meraud

Co-founder of Woorton, Paris Blockchain Week and the French Association of Digital Assets.

Prior to co-founding these three structures, Charlie worked on a credit and foreign exchange sales desk. He was then part of the seed team at venture capital fund Blackfin Capital Partners. He then left a management position at one of Singapore’s fastest growing startups to focus on crypto-currencies in France.

Specialities : crypto-currencies, blockchain, decentralised finance. 

Founder of Alyra

Jérémy is the founder of Alyra, the first school entirely dedicated to blockchain technologies. Since 2018, he has been organising the training of professionals from the ecosystem : developers, consultants and specialists in decentralised finance. 

Specialities : blockchain technologies.


jérémy wauquier


Founder of ParaSwap

Co-organiser DeFi France – Decentralised Finance.

Mounir is the founder of ParaSwap : this decentralised exchange aggregator (DEX) aims to provide users with the lowest crypto-currency and token prices by automatically sending their transactions via DEX. 

Specialities : cryptocurrencies, blockchain, decentralised finance. 

Founding Partner at Dominance Ventures.

Alexander started his career at Barclays Investment Bank, where he worked on complex M&A transactions. Being deeply obsessed with new innovation and advancements in technology, Alexander went on an entrepreneurial journey and has been actively helping founders build ambitious projects in Web 3 and since entering the space late 2016. Notable projects include Pocket Network, Orion Protocol and more recently FairSide Network.

Specialities : web 3, new innovation and advancements in technology.

Alexander OPEAGBE 

alexander opeagbe