Be part of a unique, fun and innovative event dedicated to the blockchain technology and its multiple uses ! 


This Hackathon will allow you to develop your skills, meet new people and create innovative projects around blockchain !


On the first day, volunteers pitch their ideas and try to put a team together. Team move forward with their projects all weekend long thanks to the support of professional mentors. . On Sunday, each team must convince a jury in a final pitch. 

For who ? 

This event is open to : professional and blockchain experts, students, passionate or curious about the blockchain uses, entrepreneurs, Tech, Finance, Business, Design people who want to go from ideas to reality !

Where, when and how long ?

The hackathon will take place at Palais Brongniart in Paris on the 8-10 April 2022.

⚠️  Please note that the registration is free but does not give you any access to the PBWS exhibition on 13-14 April.
Only rewarded teams from the Hackathon will receive prizes including free tickets to the exhibition. 

⚠️  Please note that the presidential elections take place on Sunday 10 April : during the event. Make sure you make your arrangements if you wish to vote. ⚠️